Event Coordinators

There are at least 3 Key Perspectives for effectively executing events that scale each year: Research, Relationships & ROI


Through Research, event organizers are able to

  1. uncover what worked and didn't work for past events,
  2. stay abreast on industry trends and advances in technology that increase the value of the event and use data to anticipate future events. CLICK HERE (see attachment) to access an Executive Summary with key event data.


In between events, Relationship management is crucial. Relationships with past attendees help sustain momentum. Relationships with potential attendees creates new energy and fosters growth. Relationships with speakers and speaker agencies can help drive new opportunities. Whatever your focus, the best event planners maximize relationships as a key component of event success.


ROI is very personal to us at the Benjamin Agency. We work to help event organizers craft a concise and measurable ROI statement, so when the event is done, true success can be measured. Far too many event organizers engage the work of executing the event with attendance being the top indicator of success. Although attendance is very important, it is just one part of the ROI equation.

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