Chris Elmore


A millionaire at age 28…for six weeks! The first tech company he started fell like a lead balloon. He dusted himself off and with four other guys started a tech company that went from $0.00 in revenue, three product failures to thousands of employees and a $1.4 Billion-dollar valuation. His out of the box approach of putting people first and concentrating on selling value has helped thousands. Chris has written 8 books and is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UNC – Charlotte and Queens University of Charlotte. Chris travels the country speaking on the topics of startup success, innovation, entrepreneurship, sales, technology, and automation. Chris is at ease in corporate, academic, tech and faith-based sectors consistently delivering measurable results.

Chris Elmore

Chris Elmore Corporate & Faith; Disruption, Innovation & Tech. Motivation & Inspiration


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Specializing in corporate, non-profit, academic and faith sectors for motivation, inspiration and strategy

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